As the name suggests Doctor, just like the professionals it additionally heals bound damages or corruptions in any of your QuickBooks file. It may facilitate in repairing any damages in Windows or any downside associated with the network setup. Imagine however would you’re feeling once you are attempting to urge one thing fastened and therefore the tool itself isn’t responding?

QuickBooks File doctor is a vital part of troubleshooting steps once the files in your system won’t respond for numerous reasons. Files that have stopped responding area unit taken care of by the QuickBooks File Doctor that diagnoses the matter and provides a doable resolution. it’s a file that works fully with efficiency creating life simple for many of the corporations and employers to urge problems cropping up resolved. However, the corporate files might not open the subsequent reasons–

  • The file size for QuickBooks Pro is more than the set limit that is 200 MB and the file size for QuickBooks Enterprise is more than 450 MB
  • If you are short of resources like RAM, network interface cards, virtual memory, network cables and other such things
  • If UPS is missing, then a sudden drop in the power or sudden power cut can lead to the damage of the data in the Hard Drive
  • If the last time, the system wasn’t closed or the files not closed properly
  • If you don’t have an active anti-virus software, in that case too, you might have the problem
  • If the hard drive has been infected by any evil element that makes the files store in it vulnerable to any possible damages

In order to require care of the causes and serving to you open the file and work on them, QuickBooks File Doctor is that the final resort. you’ll ne’er fail with it. it’ll ne’er surrender on you. however WHO takes the answerableness if the opposite factors governing the running of this file don’t work the manner they’re purported to. As a result the File Doctor doesn’t open up or takes ages to open. this may be fully annoying inflicting stress and delay in some vital deadlines to be accomplished.

Causes of QuickBooks File Doctor not opening

For all the on top of mentioned problems, except for alternative troubleshooting steps, there’s the doctor to own a glance on the causes and cure the files consequently. but for a few reason the File Doctor won’t open and therefore the most blatant reasons can be that either the files didn’t have the extensions .qbw or .qba. alternative reason are often that the File doctor wasn’t closed properly or it’s not been updated. Another important and therefore the most dominating part regarding victimization File Doctor is that it works solely with the QuickBooks Version of the u.  s.. If you have got QuickBooks version of Canada or the uk, the file might stop to figure.

How to fix the problem

As it is believed that there’s an answer to each downside, despite however grave or serious the case is. The same, i assume applies for the QuickBooks File Doctor. you’ll do a fast identification yourself and acquire this sorted at your finish. the best methodology is to uninstall and set up the QuickBooks File Doctor. Here’s however you’ll be helped-

  • Download the most updated version of QuickBooks File Doctor from a trusted source
  • Find the tool in your system either on the desktop or try locating it
  • Once located, make sure you check whether you have internet on the system and all the Windows files are updated
  • Now double click on the File doctor icon and start installing it by following the instructions that follow
  • You should also make sure that the QuickBooks version you have installed is USA made and not of any other make
  • You must be logged in to the system as none other but administrator
  • Check to see if the Multi user mode is enabled. If it is on, you need to get it disabled
  • If you are opening the file on network server, make sure that the hosting is turned on, on the other hand if you are working on workstation, you may skip this process
  • Make sure to configure firewall so that port 8019 is accessible by the tool and other QuickBooks application on the client and server
  • You must also configure the firewall for the QuickBooks File Doctor to open the Dynamic database. Don’t forget to configure firewall to all your server and client computers
  • Firewall once configured should be enabled to work with QuickBooks with no difficulty

After everything has been checked and completed, restart your system. A opportunity to something will help in obtaining several uphill tasks simple and swish. Restarting can guarantee to filter all the dirt that had got accumulated due to continuous use and can create the system traffic free. Once the system is up, open the QuickBooks File Doctor to repair the corporate files. It ought to work. File doctor is Associate in Nursing integral a part of QuickBooks; thus an in depth look into its health by keeping it and alternative part of your system updated and active will assist you solve most of your issue while not looking a task that’s tedious.

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